vTiger Real Estate CRM

Tailored solutions for Real Estate Portals and vTiger Real Estate CRM

In vTigerSpain we specialize in the development of vTiger CRM Real Estate management software and in the development of portals for the Real Estate sector. We have extensive experience in this type of projects, providing tailored solutions for the Internet to our client portfolio in the real estate sector.

Have a more detailed information of vTiger Real Estate CRM on our website http://www.crmgreen.es.

Among the solutions we offer to the sector:

Implementation of real estate management software in web format (vTiger Real Estate CRM based on Free Software VTiger CRM): management of real estate offer (product), commercial tracking of clients and real estate, crossings of supply and demand, automatic publication of the real estate offer in the portals. All this with the powerful base of the vTiger CRM tool for perfect commercial management through this CRM.
Design and programming of real estate portals with search engines: second hand housing, rents, foreclosed products.
Optimization for SEO positioning of these portals from search chains such as “flats marbella”, “villas marbella”, “flats benalmadena”, “townhouses in malaga”, “portal embargos”.
Download of real estate offer of third-party portals (real estate offer of other portals) with collaboration agreements, through the development of customized web robots
Development of datafeeds for export / import of standards such as xmlu2.com
Import of product / property offer to the real estate database, customer import and search preferences.

We can visit you without any kind of commitment to analyze what is your current technological situation to propose improvements and advances in this line of services.

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