vTigerCRM Open Source Support Pack



In vTigerSpain we specialize in programming and technical support in Free Software vTigerCRM Open Source tailored to the needs of your business.

Our developers can be hired in work hours packages for consulting, programming and training tasks to adapt the vTigerCRM Open Source Free Software tailored to the needs of your company.

Currently we offer a pack of 20 hours of support at a price of 500 Euros + TAX.

This pack can be contracted in the following link

Tasks inside the support pack:

  • Installation and updates of vTigerCRM Open Source
  • Resolution of technical incidents within the vTigerCRM Open Source software and the MySQL database
  • Migration of data and import thereof
  • Customized settings and workflows programming
  • Technical consultations on the operation of vTigerCRM Open Source

Through a ticket control panel, our client controls each of the requests for services and incidents to be resolved by our technicians and the times are counted in each resolution and comments on the interventions applied.
Have a professional technical support that allows you to carry out a correct evolutionary maintenance of your vTigerCRM Open Source software in your business through our support pack.

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