vTiger CRM Hotelier

At vTigerSpain we are specialized in the development of custom vTiger CRM for the Hotel sector. We have extensive experience in this type of projects giving customized solutions for the Internet to our client portfolio.

Among the solutions we are currently giving:

  • Implementation of management software vTiger CRM Hotelier in web format (Hotel CRM based on Free Software VTiger CRM): qualification of types of clients based on number of stays, commercial monitoring of hotel clients, sending of newsletters with MailChimp, reports of Dashboard of commercial activity, management of the contracting of hotel packages by customers.
  • Integration of vTiger CRM with PMS Hotelero software.
  • Integration of Hotel websites with vTiger CRM for automatic data capture.
  • Integration of vTiger CRM with the customer service asterisk switchboard.

We can make an initial consultancy without any commitment to analyze what their current technological situation to propose improvements and advances in this line of services.


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