VTigerCRM Open Source Development

vTigerCRM Open Source for Companies

In vTigerSpain we provide services around this Free CRM Software such as:

  • Installation and start-up of the vTigerCRM Open Source solution
  • vTigerCRM Open Source user and administration level training services
  • Custom programming of new vTigerCRM Open Source modules
  • Consultancy for the tailored implementation of vTigerCRM Open Source
  • Migrate data to vTigerCRM Open Source, custom import schedule
  • Integrate vTigerCRM Open Source with other systems

vTigerCRM Open Source is a free web-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that allows us to get a 360º view of our customer relationships. Its use can be done from any computer with Internet connection and browser, allowing work from any point.

vTigerCRM Open Source allows us to manage the commercial process towards the sale in a single platform common to all the commercial and customer service team. vTiger CRM is a leader in the free software tools of CRM, it also has nothing to send you to other expensive commercial tools in its segment.

vTigerCRM Open Source includes sales force automation, support and customer service, marketing automation, inventory management, support of multiple database managers, security management, product personalization, scheduling, email integration, extensions (for Outlook and Thunderbird), integration with Apps for IOS and Android smartphones among other features.

vTigerCRM Open Source includes support for Mobility, has exclusive apps for Android and iPhone, it is very convenient to access CRM data from anywhere with our smartphone Smartphone.

The modules in vTigerCRM Open Source are:

1. Precontact Module
Register a database of potential people who can do business with us. To the precontacts we can associate Tasks and Events of commercial visits or calls within the Calendar.

2. Campaigns Module
Registers the set of commercial campaigns that you want to manage from the CRM. To a commercial campaign you can add N records of Contacts, Precontacts, or Accounts. As a result of a campaign you have M records of new business opportunities generated. We can automatically send personalized emails one by one to all the contacts associated with the campaign and measure the openings of emails that have been produced by the contacts.

3. Calendar Module
Display in a Google Calendar of all events and dates that occur in the system. Registration of business visits, birthday of contacts, pending tasks, expiration of opportunities, expiration of invoices, start of projects, start of activities.

4. Task / Events Module
Given a contact, precontact, or account, we can create a Task or Event record that allows you to control the date of completion of the same within the calendar, as well as being registered and associated within the contact’s file.

5. Opportunities Module
Record all business opportunities detected with accounts or contacts. Once we convert the precontact the program gives us the option to create a business opportunity with the account / contact created.

6. Accounts module
Registers the set of companies to which we can issue budgets, sales orders or invoices. Also associate business opportunities to manage with them.

7. Contact module
Register the people or contacts that work in each of the accounts, all contact must be related to an Account which is the company for which you work. The contact has email, telephone, and specific address information that may be different from your associated account.

8. Budget Module
Registers the budgets that are issued to each Account. Given a budget is composed of N lines of products / services to be budgeted. All budgets can be printed to PDF, can be associated with a business opportunity and have a date of issue. Budgets can go through different states (created, pending, accepted). Every quote can be generated from a copy of the Sales Order or a copy of the corresponding Invoice (Bill).

9. Sales Orders Module
Registers the set of confirmed Orders that there are with the clients. Every Sales Order may have associated a budget which is generated from it. A Sales Order has N products / services on which it is processed.

10. Invoices Module
Registers the set of Sales Invoices towards Customers (Accounts). All invoices can be associated to an initial Budget generated from it, or to an Order.

11. Suppliers Module
Register the database of suppliers that are available to be able to issue purchase orders to them.

12. Purchase Order Module
Registers the set of purchase requests that are made to suppliers. All purchase orders are associated with a supplier and have a registration date. The purchase order has N products / associated services. Within the purchase order when we make the same we can choose as the price of the product at the price of a special purchase rate.

13. Project Module
Registers the set of projects in execution that the company has. Every project is related to an Account. The projects have data such as project status or start date and end date thereof.

14. Activities Module
Registers the set of activities in which the projects are subdivided. All activity is associated to a project. The activities have a start date and an end date. The project can see an online planing of the same within the section of more information of the project.

15. Incidents Module
Registers the set of post-sale incidents that exist with Accounts or Customer Contacts. Given an incidence, it passes through different states (pending, in progress, resolved). The incidences can be opened automatically in the vTiger by an email sent by a client or by a high from the customer portal module.

16. Products / Services Module
Registers all products and services, with their respective sales prices, different sales rates, applicable VAT, available stock. The services are special products which do not have stock. There is a possibility to classify by product families. All products are visible when making budgets, sales orders, invoices, purchase orders.

17. Documents Module
It manages documents that can be associated to Accounts, Contacts, Precontacts, Opportunities, Budgets, Invoices and other main modules. You can structure all this document management in folders. You can attach these documents in the process of sending emails from the tool itself.

18. Customer Portal Module
Access portal for the company’s clients. Through a login / password that arrives by email, the client automatically connects to this portal and can work with: the list of budgets that have been issued, the list of invoices, the list of incidents to be managed, a new one incidence.

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