vTigerCRM Open Source Implementation Consultancy

As a leading vTigerCRM Open Source implementation company, we understand how to successfully start a new CRM, for this reason, the vTigerCRM Open Source implementation service consists of the following points:

Installing vTigerCRM Open Source on the server
Configuring the server to make it compatible
Configuration of Cron Jobs on the server for automatic mailings
Outgoing mail server configuration to use
Configuration of company data and logos
Registration of users in the system
Registration of roles and profiles in the system
Initial consultancy, preliminary phase of needs analysis, implementation consultancy in order to suggest the best way to use CRM (1 session of 3 hours)
Customization of up to 4 modules (Add, Remove or Rename fields)
All these points ensure the successful implementation of vTigerCRM Open Source, configuring the software to get the most out of vTigerCRM Open Source.

The initial consultancy consists of a meeting of up to 3 hours in order to know in depth the processes that you want to incorporate into the CRM and suggest the appropriate strategies to get the most out of the software.

Some of the possible conclusions of the initial consultancy are:

Modules to be used by the company
Possible extensions / third-party add-ons to use and that are neceasrias
Possible workflows to be implemented in the vTigerCRM Open Source platform
Need for integration with third-party systems (web, outlook, vTiger app, e-commerce)
Possible customization of customized modules
Customization of existing modules, fields and screens
Role scheme designs and profiles needed to control access to information and available functions

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